I <3 Flow Charts and I Want This Poster

Ah, giving credit where credit is due. I read various design blogs for the fun of it, and my favorite design blog (favorite because I love their before/after furniture make overs) posted this today, and I thought of my favorite hobby when I saw it.



Oh Em Gee! Finally! A New Release From Over The Moon Designs!

Life has gotten hectic over the last two months, and designing had to take a back seat while I worked on getting back into a routine.

But now that things are starting to settle, I’ve found time to design here and there, and managed to complete a new paper pack! Enjoy!

Circus Maximus is only $2 and only available at Scrapable.co!


February Blog Train!

You should have come from Caged Bird Designs.

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Elements: (mediafire) http://www.mediafire.com/?1sqg5f6k1bxffkj and (4shared) http://www.4shared.com/file/l7ZxxvGo/otm-myheartsdesire-elements.html.

Papers: (mediafire) http://www.mediafire.com/?4588i9pma050cyf and (4shared) http://www.4shared.com/file/1ZGELacc/otm-myheartsdesire-papers.html.

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New Releases At Scrapable!

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January Blog Train Is Here!

This is the next stop on the January Blog Train!

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If you’re lost or just stumbling across the blog train, the full list of stops is here!

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*Edited to add Alternate download links. You will need an account at Keepandshare.com to download, but it’s free and allows me to link directly to the download.* links removed

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Friday Freebie!

Today’s freebie is a desktop!

Sizes: 1280×800 (widescreen), 1024×768, 800×600.

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The After Christmas Checklist

So, it’s the day after Christmas. Most of us have opened gifts, had our fill of cookies and pies and turkey and ham, and (if you have kids), you’re living room looks like mine- empty boxes and shredded wrapping paper litter the floor (I will clean today. I will clean today). So, if you’re like me, maybe you’re putting off all that cleaning, are still too stuffed to move off the couch, and would much rather do something fun, than clean.

Today is a good day to tackle the Christmas pictures. Introducing The After Christmas Checklist! Following this checklist will give you a Christmas themed album. Or just take the ideas you like.

The After Christmas Checklist

  1. Christmas pajamas/new clothes/underwear: Does your family have a clothing gift tradition? For example, we always buy the boys a new pair of pajamas (or, in ds10’s case, a new pair of pajama pants). This year, we found Lego Star Wars flannel pajamas for ds8, Ironman flannel pajamas for ds7, and Mountain Dew pajama pants for ds10. I wrapped them up Christmas Eve afternoon, and set them under the tree as we were on our way out the door for the boys’ Christmas program.

    credits: Eyeinspire, font is Pea Holly

  2. Christmas Tree. Do you like it real? Fake? Cut your own? Pick one up at Menards/hardware store or the local grocery store? Is it big, tall, full, thin, skinny, upside down, black, white or red? Do you have only one tree, or do you decorate a tree for every room?
  3. Tree Topper. What do you have on top of your tree? An angel? Santa? Bow? Star? Santa Hat? Is it special? For example- my parents have used the same tree topper since they were married in 1977. I collect Precious Moments and have a Precious Moments tree topper that dh’s aunt gave to me a few years ago. Right now, she’s wearing a Santa hat.
  4. Tree decorations: Favorite ornaments? Are you a Hallmark ornament type? Do you do the Christmas Pickle? Do the ornaments match? Do you theme your tree every year? Do you collect ornaments for your kids to take with them when they grow up and leave the nest? (I love that idea- I really should start doing that!)
  5. Other decorations: Do you decorate outside? Inside? Do you go for extreme decorating, or could your house be featured in Martha Stewart (and if so, could you please give me some hints)?
  6. Baking: Cookies, pies, traditional treats. Do you bake with your kids? Favorite treats that are just made during the holidays? Any family traditions? Do you bake from scratch or do you use the tubes of cookie dough? Are you a bystander while your mother/sister/husband bakes, or are you the baker in the family? These pages make great recipe pages!
  7. Christmas Programs/Concerts: Do you or your children or spouse participate in Christmas concerts or programs? Does your church put on a traditional nativity pageant, or do they go for something more flashy? Do you remember when you were Mary/Joseph/an angel/shepherd/wise man? If you don’t have children, do you attend the church christmas pageant? Do you have a favorite Christmas service that you always attend?
  8. Nativity. Do you have a nativity scene? Is it an heirloom? Is it special to you?
  9. Gifts: Wrapping, opening, wrapped and under the tree, hiding places (may want to keep this one secret until the kids are older), do you open on Christmas morning, or do you wait? Do you make your kids wait while you’re making coffee, until a certain time, is it just you and your immediate family, or does anyone else join you? Do you have special wrapping paper that you use for certain people? For example, I found a roll of A Christmas Story themed wrapping paper showing Ralphie in the bunny suit a few years ago, and that is what we now use to wrap my father’s gifts.
  10. Christmas music: favorites, when you start listening, do you even like it?
  11. Christmas movies/specials: Do you like A Charlie Brown Christmas? How about A Christmas Story? Or is It’s A Wonderful Life your favorite Christmas movie? How many times have you watched your favorite this year? Is it a family thing, or is it just you watching?
  12. Favorite Gifts: What gifts were the most thought out? Which ones were the most special/unique? Were you surprised by which gifts the kids enjoyed the most?
  13. The Aftermath: wrapping paper and boxes everywhere, who cleans up?
  14. Back to the tree and decorations: How long do you keep them up? Are you a ‘It’s the 26th, time to take it down’ type, or do you wait for Epiphany (January 6th)- or longer?
  15. Traveling: Do you travel for Christmas? How far? To where? Is this something you do every year?
  16. Can you think of anything that I’m forgetting?